Welcome to Coonscom.co.uk

There is nothing currently on this site, but there might be in the future! you can visit rcwebdev.co.uk for your web development needs, Below are some a collection of links we have worked on and sites related to RC Web Development!

Average Joe Reviews

Average Joe Reviews is a site that allows anyone to submit a review on a product they've use to let the average joe know about it! its not funded by anyone so theres no real bias

C64 Emulator

This is a small fun script that emulates a C64's loading screen! it was coded with javascript and old school ajax before jquery!

Government Phone Line Sim

This is a jquery game totally based on a real experiance i had with the job centre....

New Zealand Community Association

This is our local Community Centre, my parents do a alot of work for it and this is the website i created for them!

Lame Guy Video's

This is a site with a few silly videos about games i made, it was also a nice learning PHP experiment back in the day

LCD Fighting game

This is based on the popstaion classic, city fighter, or king fighter, or whatever the latest version is called.....